Divination Joyoboyo "third world war"

Divination Joyoboyo "third world war"

mbah subowo bin sukaris

Later there will be a big war struck the earth man. Occurred in the Eastern Hemisphere, Western, North and South. Many good people more miserable. More and more wicked fun. When that many ancient poems busy echoed by scholars, monks, and pastors.
    Rulers usually hold a discussion with each other superpowers to choose which country they want annexing. Hooray! Hooray! Colored people lived remainder half. White people and yellow people living remainder pair of  leather .......
(Eleventh century, Joyoboyo)

Until now, People's Republic of China remains firm continues to hoist aloft the banner of Marxism-Leninism and consequently run the dictatorship of the proletariat in the communist system running on the correct line with the development history of class struggles progressive persist. The result is prosperity in the economic and scientific progress in China has been able to open eyes wide to the outside world and thereby prove that Marxism is growing forward. And as long as China maintains single-party dictatorship of the proletariat the working class still holds the supreme political power, the destruction of the communist system would never happen in China ....
    On the other hand there is the world's number one world superpower, the United States, a country that is very anti-communist to the fontanel. They run a capitalist economic system and run the system of liberalism in all fields. And the whole world recognizes how advanced technology the United States in the field of armament, space, information technology and so forth. The world also recognizes the economic power the United States. Capitalist countries the United States is continuing to use military force and economic strength to maintain their influence and prestige of other countries in the world.
    Since the victory of allies in both world wars and America as one of the winners are always interfering in domestic affairs of other countries and is particularly indicated if the country will fall into the arms of Communism and Islamic fundamentalists.
U.S. constantly and forever keep anticommunist and anti-Islamic fundamentalists. United States, which has the greatest war machine on earth is also very happy to wage war or fight against other countries who want to make one's way in the political, cultural, and economic. Of course, such a socialist country of North Korea and Iran's Islamic fundamentalist Shiite country is a hotbed for the United States so there is an opportunity and a chance to attack with military force.
    The two forces, two sworn enemies in conflicting ideologies and there can be no compromise whatever it is that one day will beat each other with each other and the only way out the estuary or completing two opposing forces in a male is fighting on the battlefield.
    Joyoboyo forecast from the eleventh century is closely associated with the occurrence of a major war or a third world war is as follows:

Besuk yen ana peperangan.
Teka saka wetan, kulon, kidul lan lor.
Akeh wong becik saya sengsara.
Wong jahat saya seneng.
Wektu iku akeh dhandhang diunekake kuntul.

Ratu karo Ratu pada rembugan negara endi sing dipilih lan disenengi.
Hore! Hore!
Wong Jawa kari separo.
Landa-Cina kari sejodho.

Subowo bin Sukaris
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