Joyoboyo seventh Divination: Tikus pithi anoto baris

Divination seventh Joyoboyo:

Tikus Pithi Anoto Baris

Divination seventh Sri Aji Joyoboyo (1145's): Tikus pithi anoto baris interpretation line up rows of red rat! Red when still a baby not yet grown feathers, and later became black by the fur itself. The main properties of rat phiti include: agile, arbitrarily own, unruly, and funny. Rat phiti good at hiding themselves but have not been able to make their own hideaway, which form holes in the ground, or raise a nest of existing materials in the vicinity. Humans without the tools hard to catch and hunt this one creature.
     Mice that this one really ranks up when the leader of the (parent) were killed or escaped since pursued. If ordinary circumstances without interruption so he moves without the formation of disorganized alias without the goal of all his movements.
    Tikus Pithi arrange rows when they're starving great, because a bad season or nest ransacked and demolished, and also turned aggressive when they get easy prey.
     During his reign in Kediri Sri Aji Joyoboyo tikus pithi as a nickname the children teen growing up, no longer red but was faintly dusky. Rats in the context of predictions can be as a symbol of youth, the younger generation, or youth center within the kingdom of Kediri. Sri Aji Joyoboyo desperately needed naval forces primarily served as a soldier and most reliable of the local youth and in addition their votes really counted in the political arena of the kingdom.
     Kingdom centered in inland sea but it includes the effect of local control of Jambi on the island of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali, and Tidore, so always reinforce naval forces for the purposes of maintaining the royal authority in the area of influence. The younger generation to get more servings accepted as servant of the state. With such a strategy provides opportunities for youth, no youth movement which seeks to mobilize the power to undermine the unity of the King Joyoboyo.
     History later noted in 1222, one hundred years since the rule of Sri Aji Joyoboyo where the younger generation not receiving a share in the government, suddenly from an area approximately fifty miles east direction to the kingdom of Kediri, Arok drill a youth movement led his troops to storm Kediri. Commander of the Kediri kingdom war Mahesa Walungan younger brother of the king Krtajaya or Dandang Gendis so troops were killed in Ganter Kediri defeat in the battle against the forces Arok.
     Arok was recorded as the first man who led the revolt or a coup with brilliant results in the history of the archipelago.
     Back in 2010, the forecast tikus pithi anoto baris interpreted as an armed uprising of the people from all over the archipelago is impossible, unless done by the military element that controls the weapons. Masses clearly do not have firearms in sufficient quantities to conduct large-scale rebellion.
     Young people had started to organize themselves however fragmented and oriented in different directions, each struggling within their own group. Those ideals have colored red, green, blue, yellow, and pink and in classifications as left, center and right. Like a puppet in a row so they are easily pitted opposite each other set against.
     The younger generation always appear in every goro-goro in the government of Indonesia, and the success they always changed hands and taken over by another party. Role of them returned just a cheerleader who can not afford follow up result of a successful movement. Looks like they started to realize such a case, and began installing the new strategy. Peaceful demonstration that turned anarchic easily crushed, or take the parliamentary road that requires a long time in the victory. Until the end of the most easy for the younger generation by way of collecting opinions mass use of digital social networking.
     So "tikus phiti anoto baris" means preparing a young generation of the line. It's not an armed uprising row, not anarchy demo. And not wait for the time the older generation to hand over power to the younger generation. So that the young generation becomes older generation. Another young forward still has a small force in support of systemic change movement, in the idealism that their choices have not been able to unite the strengths of the various elements. Idea-a unifying idea that is already available, among others, Unity in Diversity, the Pancasila, or Nasakom, since the era of the Majapahit to Independence and post-independence. Now that last idea is lame, because one leg stump. While the idea of another distorted by the interests of their own rulers. Is the duty of the younger generation and raise a whole return to normal purify all the ideas, which is proposed and taught by the leaders according to Archipelago's contemporaries.
     Later, with the success of the young generation line up together for the common goal of uniting and purifying all the ideas can turn into action, then the true meaning Joyoboyo seventh prophecy proved true.


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