Divination eighth Joyoboyo : Reincarnation Noyo Genggong Sabdo Palon

Divination eighth Joyoboyo : 

Reincarnation Noyo Genggong 

Sabdo Palon
Two pastors as well as clown-servants adviser Majapahit kingdom was indeed not a figure arbitrarily. All this is interpreted as a subtle creature. Wadag or his body is as usual ordinary people. Magical spirits or spirits that extraordinary, he could be reincarnated thousands of times since the first humans lived on earth.
    As a Buddhist priest Java (Jowo Sanyoto, the state religion of Majapahit), the main religion in the kingdom of Majapahit perfect science even more perfect than his main followers of the Dalai Lama in Tibet. From era to era Sabdo Palon* constantly changing body (wadag), ie when the body is old and died.
    New Wadag that option is not for personal willingness Sabdo Palon spirit but by the will of Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad. So in fact although the Majapahit collapsed, and its predecessor Sabdo Palon Noyo Genggong never murca or lost, he lived as a human being on this earth of mankind. Lineage Sabdo Palon in 2500 last year protecting the land of Java, and southern parts of the earth (Man Yang) is as follows: Semar, Humarmoyo, Manikmoyo, Ismoyo, Noyo Genggong, Sabdo Palon, Ki K, WS, and in 2011 was .... ..???!
    Divination Sri Aji Joyoboyo eighth that Sabdo Palon will return to the archipelago, of course interpreted Sabdo Palon back later acting as advocates and advisers rather than the leader of the country or a kingdom.
    When the collapse of Majapahit in the era around 1478, before King Brawijaya who converted to Islam while changing direction Sabdo Palon survive as the commandment of the Jowo Sanyoto before murca (gone) Sabdo Palon promised, "Your Honor, we are destined to break up, but please remember your honor five hundred years from now I will return to earth marcapada archipelago to run the command of Him."
    On time as promised Sabdo Palon then in 1978 (500 years since the collapse of Majapahit follows murcanya Sabdo Palon) an ordinary resident of Central Java there is a man is used by  wadag Sabdo Palon complete with his Jowo Sanyoto, the old man calling himself Ki K. In the early 1990s that figure had been old and it still has great energy plus his intelligence power is still very strong. Whoever conjured the speech just to listen. Sabdo Palon this one took courses in the book of "sacred" Adam Makna (not Betaljemur Adam Makna). One is the translation of the contents of the book rather than alphabetic letters Java: ho no co ro ko do to so wo lo po dho jo yo nyo mo nggo bo tho ngo (which for the Sundanese very important, the highest in the world spirit of science and philosophy in the archipelago). He died around the mid-1990s. Sabdo Palon wadag changed again, and this time in WS (65 annually) and right-hand man near Ki K itself. Attendance back through reincarnation Sabdo Palon with centuries on the human figure that choice by the will and power of Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad.
    WS died around 2006, (same time as the eruption of Mount Merapi), his actions during his life-like movements mysterious figure who was also mysteriously, he never success when tried to give advice to President Suharto, which at that time surrounded by the spiritual leaders of high level and difficult to be approached by anyone, supposedly the result is less satisfactory, and besides that he also tried to give advice or advice on a variety of military and civilian officials. He works never make a scene because every behavior is done without attracting attention. And of course he never announced his identity to anyone. His features casual, privileges his stamina is amazing especially when he spoke as if bewitched audience. And the courage to speak against any very extraordinary character.
    During the era of Majapahit in his will Sabdo Palon said, "Only the will of Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad an infinite determines human choice as the new wadag Sabdo Palon." Sabdo Palon displacement process to a new wadag different from the reincarnation of Tibet Buddhist priest. Sabdo Palon adolescent or adult enters the body which was destined to Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad died and the body was also His will live again as a reincarnation of the new Sabdo Palon with a new name. In the reincarnation of Tibetan clergy occurred since the mother's womb, until the baby is born into the world as the reincarnation of the A or the pastor B.
    According to Ki K, the Japanese era, Sabdo Palon before -- which now dwells within him -- helped along with Dai Nippon army invaded Java, to liberate the Java land from white people. However unfortunate Zero fighter plane in Singapore who rode Sabdo Palon shot by the enemy, the entire crew was killed, that's when Sabdo Palon spirit move from the body of someone who died in a plane (Japanese!). Sabdo Palon who was going to land allegedly Java landed alone at the foot of Mount Merapi. Ill-fated plane took off from one city in Japan.
    Nusantara triumph in Sri Aji Joyoboyo forecasts will more powerful when the re-emergence Sabdo Palon and Noyo Genggong. Sabdo Palon aka Ki K in 1980 saying, "Glory Nusantara more powerful than the Majapahit kingdom materialize if the world experienced such a large goro-goro devastating world wars or disasters large-scale nature, such as the fall of celestial bodies, the eruption of volcanoes, and others. “After goro-goro happens the world will return to normal. At that moment a new world political order would be formed and a far cry from the modern world map before. Post-goro-goro in the archipelago Ratu Adil will appear side by side Sabdo Palon determine the fate of the southern archipelago and the earth (Man Yang) in a single order of new government center," the original utterance Sabdo Palon in 1980.
    When is the big-bang and the emergence of Ratu Adil? Questions will be answered after the following answer to the question, "Who is now chosen by the Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad became a man chosen as the latest wadag than reincarnation Sabdo Palon?"
    On him the source of answers.
* Grave wadag Sabdo Palon one which "only" a lowly servant during the Majapahit kingdom in Trowulan Majapahit, tomb Troloyo, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia (Majapahit site institutions, Trowulan).
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