Secrets of Writing Pramoedya Ananta Toer

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Pramoedya Ananta Toer famous author in the archipelago or Dipantara it always uses a conventional typewriter in his writings which poured thousands of pages. In addition to using a typewriter vehicle, Pram also use balpoint in writing the epic history of the "Arus Balik" (Stroom Uit Het Noorden). The thickest book was written in a notebook he used to frequently used high school kids. Write a book of this type usually striped making it easier for guiding hand for writing into the straight.
    Apparently at that time on the island of Buru, Pram have not got a typewriter and "hvs" paper  facilities. Be it using ordinary notebooks thoroughly into a thick book most of all his work.
    There is little difference from the works of Pramoedya Ananta Toer between a hand-written and uses ordinary typewriter (he does not like electric typewriters or computer keyboards). The details of the themes in the writings better, and focus longer. So in one theme that he could write a rather long, with its book "Arus Balik" (Dutch: Stroom Uit Het Noorden) quite thick. 
        Pramoedya in Buru Island prison camp, of course, does not have a chance to buy a typewriter and paper, because it is forbidden for him because every time is in military surveillance. And in normal circumstances Pramoedya Ananta Toer prefer to use a typewriter rather than writing by hand in pouring the creativity that is writing a book or short story fiction and non-fiction.
    Pramoedya once so famous for its writing: it poured in sheets of typing, be the perfect script! He will not read again the results until finished typing it into a thick book. And it was also never read again for repair.
    Handwritten manuscript of the book "Stroom Uit Het Noorden" which amounted to a thousand pages of notebooks more commonly found in graffiti is rare, very few he repeated with a new graffiti in the tens of thousands of paragraph result imagination.
    Pramoedya Ananta Toer admits, "I am able to write if the conditions of extraordinary pressure. Under normal circumstances right now (the 1990s) I had a writer block. Something commonplace experienced by the authors." Conditions in military detention on the island of Buru is quite hot and arid atmosphere that make the other from the outside world.
    In the mid-90s era rife machines are very convenient for typing text. Pramoedya stick with ordinary typewriter, "I do not like it, although it facilitates the work machine. Moreover, should struggle to learn how to operate it, lazy uf, uf, uf ...." Thus he said when he was offered a computer with free of charge by someone foreign Caucasians.
    "The foreigners are just like Jesus," he told a close friend. The Caucasian who was born in Indonesia and speaks fluent Indonesian it is often helpful with any genuine need, especially in the new order of political situation that gripped the time, however small one's outstretched hand, is something that is extraordinary for Pramoedya Ananta Toer is always worried that the "secret agent" of the military. Pramoedya free from Buru Island in 1979 and lived in Jalan Multikarya, Utan Kayu, East Jakarta.
    One time it was his penchant for cutting out newspaper clippings. Creating a clipping has filled most of his time after the arrest. He plans to publish encyclopaedia of geography or anything like that.
    As a heavy smoker, Pramoedya Ananta Toer bodied enough, thanks to the exercises and exercise routine. Every day he walked in circles around his neighborhood. Furthermore, the most attractive activities is to collect the leaves that fell from his yard. Trash it without ceremony and then burned himself and waiting until extinguished embers. He still needs to water it with water in order to really secure.
    To maintain his fitness eating garlic intake is primarily to overcome the "blood sugar", he does not believe anything else. Even though the doctor recommended drug. He swallow raw garlic every day a few grains. Of course, garlic is  helpful that kind of man (in a single clove contains an oval-shaped).
    "Arus Balik or Stroom Uit Het Noorden" which slid from behind the earth in 1995 to deliver Pramoedya was soon won the Ramon Magsaysay Award, in the field of literature, which is also considered Asia's Nobel Prize.
      Similarly, in 1988, when the "Rumah Kaca" (House of Glass) slid from under the earth, then in 1989, Pramoedya received the American PEN award, also received the honor as a member of PEN. PEN is a prestigious forum for writers, and other artists, which is very important so the international fort to block the actions of the new order of malignancy silence its people rather than politics.
    Little things that's what publishers do Hasta Mitra, Pramoedya's orbit to the world stage. Hasta Mitra worked from behind the earth, without stopping. It is said that in the era of the silly little things can make a silly, how could occur, a student in Yogyakarta, Central Java, to carry around campus "Bumi Manusia" ("This Earth of Mankind") rewarded in court 8 years in prison, Hasta Mitra from behind the earth edit, design, layout, and circulate some moment to be ready to be given an award by "Orde Baru" (New Order) in the form of a medal of honor "dibreidel" (banning). Community service regardless of any benefits and awards. Without hope financial gain, simply want the satisfaction that the book could be circulated.
     Pramoedya greatness thanks to the "new order" which banning all his books so that the international world for a moment turned towards him. Free ads are effective, although the scientific and popular, all of Pramoedya's work does have a class of its own, perfect grade.
     In 1996 the two-story house, right on the day of his birthday, friends and admirers welcoming on, such as Gus Dur, Megawati Soekarnoputri, and other old figures. Toward sunset, a new book that is very important for the world have come from printing the same day. Members of the press, various media, of course, cover and highlight the new book, "Nyanyi Sunyi Seorang Bisu" (The Mute's soliloquy).
    Like most powerful weapon in bombarding the "Orde Baru", the "Nyanyi Sunyi Seorang Bisu" (The Mute's Soliloquy) is like a nuclear weapon. It's really challenging Suharto's rule.
    Only in a matter of hours, the book also follows a medal of honor list of the most sparkling, "breidel" (banning).
    What is it, really so terrible explosion? In the book contained a list of people of Buru island camp inmate who died of illness, was killed by the military, and others. The point of Buru Island camp really exists and there have been gross human rights violations there.
    Buru Quartet was sequentially as follows: "Bumi Manusia" (This Earth of Mankind), "Anak Semua Bangsa" (Child of All Nations), "Jejak Langkah" (Footsteps), and the "Rumah Kaca" (House of Glass). Each time a book published one by one, and each time is also given a medal of honor Satyalencana "Breidel" by the government of Republic of Indonesia. The second and third books (Jejak Langkah - Footsteps) is long enough just seeing the light. The fourth book, published "Rumah Kaca" (House of Glass, 1988), while the third book "Jejak Langkah" (Footsteps) in 1985.
    Virtually all had completed the manuscript was written and brought to the outside world in 1979, from the dark world of Buru Island prison camp. The manuscript was written by ordinary typewriter. It also includes "Nyanyi Sunyi Seorang Bisu", "Arok Dedes", "Mata Pusaran" all using the typewriter. Sumitro that transmit electrical typewriter, until in the hands of Pramoedya turned into a dilapidated typewriter which fortunately can be fixed by the engineer Tapol.

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