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Joyoboyo Complete Forecast - The Joyoboyo's Prophecies of Sabdo Palon Noyo Genggong

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The first prophecy of Sri Aji Joyoboyo

Murcane Sabdo Palon Noyo Genggong

Sri Aji Joyoboyo set prediction Hindu-Buddhist religion evolved in 1000 years in the archipelago and its glory for the kingdom which embraced the religion. Alongside the development of Hindu-Buddhist in the Land of Java and the archipelago of birth is also a messenger to spread the Islamic religion in 571 AD the Prophet Muhammad received the word of Allah that are arranged in the Holy Qur'an which was accompanied by the Hadiths of the Prophet glorified.
     Developed over 1000 years old Hindu-Buddhist in the archipelago is already in place for another turn, which will be replaced by Islam as the state religion of the kingdom in Java and the archipelago. Sri Aji Joyoboyo also said Dang Hyang Tanah Jawi Sabdo Palon and its predecessor Noyo Genggong will murca from marcapada during development of the Islamic religion, marked by the rise of Islamic kingdom in Java. Sabdo Palon will not interfere with Islam and its development in Java and the archipelago to raise a spiritual human being human is perfect.
    Only natural then, has become a Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms fate of the glorious first Islamic kingdom of Majapahit change in the archipelago of Demak. And too bad because the newly established kingdom of Demak, which does not have as strong Majapahit navy had to contend with the superior power of Europe that can only be slightly restrain the entry of the Portuguese armed sailors, and even succeeded in entering the Portuguese archipelago without encountering formidable opponent in the marine field. And Western nations in a row next to the Netherlands and even very clever play off the rest of Majapahit kingdoms that fought each other with each other. Furthermore, the Dutch master lived harvest both sides in everything, especially relying on the benefits of sea power and advanced weaponry is successfully developed Europe, ammunition or firearms from gun to gun sizes.
    Thus the defeat of the Islamic empire strikes Europeans are not the responsibility of the Danghyang Tanah Jawi Sabdo Palon Noyo Genggong. And supposing the Islamic kingdom or country that upholds the greatness of Islam that was obtained not through the intervention of the pepunden Archipelago.
     Each time an archipelago kingdom arose and destroyed through the same thing with the cycle of stars. There is something very important that all the kingdoms in Java recognizes Semar as a supernatural ruler of the unseen world with the ability to manifest as human beings in particular is always present in the process of rise and fall of the kingdom. Semar can act as a servant, clown-servants, and even the country's main adviser. As his command of this character was also always attended with the fall-rise and a simple life and a government complex in the kingdom. Semar the latter and reincarnation in the 1000-year cycle of development of Hindu-Buddhism is Sabdo Palon Noyo Genggong.
     The first years of rapid development of life in Western countries coupled with a glorious Majapahit at sea and in the South of the earth, while China's was in North earth is the political balance of the world at that time. Southern Earth is in the grip of the collapse of the Majapahit and the world political order becomes unbalanced and too easily white Western nations began to colonize the earth south of Africa, Latin America, and South Asia into the sea lane without a strong guard.
     Majapahit destruction by the development of Islam into Java is a cycle of historical development of class and class struggle. Sabdo Palon Noyo Genggong know that Islam should be developed in Java and the archipelago therefore he prepared for his role murca of guarding the throne in 1000 over last year. In his oath, he will present again in the 500-year term, is there anything that suggests Islam will see problems developing complex after 500 years in the archipelago?
     "Murcane Sabdo Palon Noyo Genggong" King Joyoboyo first prediction did come true when the last king of Majapahit Brawijaya V who chose to leave their own state religion and embrace Islam. By itself Sabdo Palon decided to disappear or murca good way from the presence of Brawijaya V, "Your Honor, we will not fight the development history, history that continues to grow forward never backwards an inch, and in the presence of His Majesty, We promise will return later in which the earth man broke down and everything must start from scratch again. In order to protect the land of Java and south of the archipelago and the earth. Howght! " So last words as he said goodbye Sabdo Palon. Majapahit no doubt drove to meet its demise, the will of historical destiny.

The fourth prophecy Joyoboyo

"Kejajah saumur jagung karo wong cebol kepalang"

March 8, 1942 armies by land, sea, and air forces and civilian Dai Nippon Sakura flowers that dare to die and always wins in the battle against Western nations landed all over the archipelago. Joyoboyo forecast fourth attested, "Kejajah saumur jagung karo wong cebol kepalang." Royal Netherlands Army is no less heroic, brave to face the forces of Asian countries that had conquered Manchuria, the Russian Tsarist empire in 1904-1905.
     The spirit of the royal army was defeated by imperial troops of the Rising Sun, the god Amaterasu siding with the invaders from the North. Since ancient times people in the archipelago had been warned by the ancestors to be always alert to the North, because that is where the enemy comes to attack, from the North also coming disaster in Java. Therefore there is little legacy inherited from a thousand years ago or the King of the kingdom of Kediri Joyoboyo enthroned, namely, "do not make for cooking stoves or luweng mouth facing to the North." One again, "do not make a toilet or latrine is the position of those who occupied it until facing North."
     Even a famous poet wrote about the Archipelago of the reverse flow that continues to flow North to South: science, culture and goods merchandise. By contrast, in the golden age of Majapahit, and even since the era of Srivijaya kingdom current flows to the North: science, culture, and its superior product goods.
     Hinomaru flying all over the East Coast continental Asia to the Pacific Ocean in the east of Papua. Formed a military defense line is very broad and difficult to be kept from the advancing Allied forces led by the country, Uncle Sam. Consecutive leave the colony or colonies: the French in Indochina, the Dutch in the Netherlands Indies, the British in Malaya, and Singapore. Japanese people managed to change the political map of the world, particularly in Asia.
     King Joyoboyo already identified the nation's "cebol kepalang" is a thousand years ago would be a superpower in the military field. In the view of a small Java will defeat a big, people "cebol kepalang" or short stature which would defeat the great men of the West.
     Natives Nusantara which sank at the feet of reptiles of Western nations during the three hundred and fifty years rebuilt from the ground without warning by Japanese troops who trained hard and unforgiving. Weapons began to be given to the Natives who want to fight with Japan to deal with Western nations or the Allies. Victims during the Japanese military education fell, struck the misery of the people living in all regions of the archipelago. Later fruit misery that preceded the departure of Western nations make the Natives had to stand on their own feet above the land of their own motherland and the people govern themselves, all that can be reached by taking the motherland's independence and sovereignty of the archipelago.
     Dai Nippon predicted to colonize the archipelago during the rest of the seed corn can be stored, three and a half years! Dai Nippon, who joined Hitler's Germany still continues to struggle alone with a tenacious and diligent. Allied military felt the cost was too great out on the field against Germany and European allies. Dai Nippon to conquer the forces that have such long lines in East Asia and some islands in the Pacific in the end the Allies or the United States chose to use economical and practical way: a nuclear bomb detonated in the heart of Japanese territory. As a result the winner of the second world war that is true of nuclear weapons and not the United States. U.S. forces desperately not to defeat Japan in a general manner and honored.
     Japan is not completely lost the battle but lost because the instruction of the highest leadership of the Emperor of Japan.
Nation "cebol kepalang" that during the occupation of Java and the archipelago facing tough opponents: the Communist Party of Indonesia, NU, Muhammadiyah, the socialist party, the nationalist party, and those of other progressive Islam, and of course the whole of the archipelago. Every component of resistance that have chosen their leaders: Bung Karno. Bung Karno was not overtly hostile to Japan, but took the tactic rests in two places at once. Left leg was with the army of Dai Nippon, while his right leg against Japan shoulder to shoulder with a variety of ways with other Natives fighters.
     Bung Karno know anybody who contributed in seizing independence, the communists, nationalists, and socialists, and Muslims and so on.
      Dai Nippon's surrender to the nuclear bombs the United States on August 14, 1945. Other winners of the second world war superpower Soviet Union's first communist country in the world apparently can not coexist peacefully with other capitalist countries, because it has been since the communist manifesto was launched in the eighteenth century ghost of communism is never tolerated by the rest of the world understands this. America is a country hotbed of communist Soviet Union and resulted in the emergence of the Cold World War. Two ideologies classify themselves by selecting each one of the parties. American slogans louder, "making friends with our communist enemies or enemies of us." The absence of a neutral choice at all.
     Impact of the Cold World War was finally blown independence coloring by "Penyambung Hati Rakyat Indonesia": Sukarno was accompanied M. Hatta. During the Japanese occupation, they have often developed strategies to face the future together. They were in response to the Cold World War took the opposite stance. Soekarno Hatta be Neutral as hostile to the communist side. Two antagonistic role of both RI proclaimer that eventually gave birth to the independence war dramas are heartbreaking. Own nation fought with his own brothers.
      Own civil war among nations since the war for independence was growing and the top climax Joyoboyo predictions embodied in the fifth, "pitik tarung sak kandang."


The fifth prophecy Joyoboyo:

"Pitik tarung sak kandang"

On September 30, 1965 in the stratosphere layer of the night sky, at a radius of three kilometers from the palace of Sri Aji Joyoboyo, the residents watched "lintang kemukus" moving slowly northward. Shining bright celestial spaceship that precisely identified for centuries "lintang kemukus" that moves slowly in the sky was a sign of the coming events in the human universe.
       The nights hunt 20 million communist members in the archipelago began proclaimed. Communist Party of the world's third largest country in the siege of the world's largest Muslim population. Ten years ago the communists managed to occupy the fourth rung in the most democratic elections in the country of Pancasila, a synthesis of existing ideologies in the world political arena triggered Bung Karno, connectors hearts of the people of Indonesia.
     Sri Aji Joyoboyo a son of true love Inu Kertapati and Dewi Sekartaji, the two teenagers this option is the crown prince of the two kingdoms on the shores of the river Brantas. Royal marriage they were living previously filled with the most memorable romantic drama for centuries by the inhabitants of eastern Java.
     Dewi Sekartaji and Inu Kertapati who have not met each other had refused to match the two kingdoms for themselves. Dewi Sekartaji wandered for years, so too Inu Kertapati, both teens most beautiful and most handsome man in the kingdom of Daha and Jenggala. In short they finally met on the island and fell in love with one another. Any place lively marriage, the two kingdoms combined, and the results of their true love was born of a human being superior Sri Aji Joyoboyo who later became king of the kingdom of Kediri bloom. In the reign of literature and art evolved remarkably rapidly. Words tangible predictions of clever all around the country gathered and selected the best to offer it to the glorious Sri Aji Joyoboyo. With abundant material that was the big king publish forecasts fifth "pitik sak cage fighting" to describe a future civil war in the land of Java.
     September 1965 battle movements triggered two contradictory ideologies, on the one hand, the materialist camp, represented by 20 million communists, on the other hand there is the idealist camp, which represented 60 million Muslims. The communists use the philosophical system of dialectical materialism. Muslim idealist camp entrance. If both systems are facing the reality of life then what happens is the opposition to understand, no less-the lack of Bung Karno's attempt to reconcile the communists and the Islamic opposition in the container Nasakom further in the legislative forum was formed cabinet "gotong-royong". Bung Karno small businesses that have extraordinary vision since 1926, trying to avoid a "pitik tarung sak kandang." Bung Karno was mastered Sri Aji Joyoboyo these predictions.
     "Pitik tarung sak kandang" means the pet chicken that every morning and evening are in the same room. Chicken in a single room each day and live peacefully outside the room. Cage here is not that meeting, residents raised chickens in Java-footing, footing is usually made of bamboo or wood for the chickens to bed. Chickens that are free and out of the room at any time on their own. They are in the same house and live peacefully. Very rare chicken in a "cage" fights in the cage. Not even a fight broke out in a cage free chickens that.Small fights are usually simply where "mangkring" a strong, adult chicken, chose to be in front. Young chickens by their owners were separated, placed in solitary confinement.
In dozens of chicken cage was never a fight because they only gathered in the evening to start sleeping at night that lasted until dawn. When they woke up and got out the cage that is the owner of fine dining to entertain first, then eat whatever you want to find where.
     Within six months the communists were slaughtered his opponents, all the roles they have been excluded from government, the press, the world of education by imprisoning without trial. Millions of government employees Bung Karno not need to be paid their retirement, although has been working since the war of independence. Very economical!
     The massacre of the Communists was happening was the result of provocation by the individual that referred to in the sixth Sri Aji Joyoboyo forecast: "kodok ijo ongkang-ongkang", the ruling right for four tiger. "Kodok ijo ongkang-ongkang" aided by foreign parties who were conducting McCarthy doctrine, root out communists from the earth.
     Indonesian Communists destroyed no trace of the remaining pile of smoldering charcoal slim. In the rainy season will grow new shoots in the pile of black, because the land is very fertile for change Nusantara aridity became green again with the growing variety of new plants, including those already considered extinct.


The seventh Prophecy Joyoboyo:

Tikus Pithi Anoto Baris

Prophecy seventh Sri Aji Joyoboyo (1145's): Tikus pithi anoto barisinterpretation line up rows of red rat! Red when still a baby not yet grown feathers, and later became black by the fur itself. The main properties of rat phiti include: agile, arbitrarily own, unruly, and funny. Rat phiti good at hiding themselves but have not been able to make their own hideaway, which form holes in the ground, or raise a nest of existing materials in the vicinity. Humans without the tools hard to catch and hunt this one creature.
     Mice that this one really ranks up when the leader of the (parent) were killed or escaped since pursued. If ordinary circumstances without interruption so he moves without the formation of disorganized alias without the goal of all his movements.
Tikus Pithi arrange rows when they're starving great, because a bad season or nest ransacked and demolished, and also turned aggressive when they get easy prey.
     During his reign in Kediri Sri Aji Joyoboyo Kediri tikus pithi as a nickname the children teen growing up, no longer red but was faintly dusky. Rats in the context of predictions can be as a symbol of youth, the younger generation, or youth center within the kingdom of Kediri. Sri Aji Joyoboyo desperately needed naval forces primarily served as a soldier and most reliable of the local youth and in addition their votes really counted in the political arena of the kingdom.
     Kingdom centered in inland sea but it includes the effect of local control of Jambi on the island of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali, and Tidore, so always reinforce naval forces for the purposes of maintaining the royal authority in the area of influence. The younger generation to get more servings accepted as servant of the state. With such a strategy provides opportunities for youth, no youth movement which seeks to mobilize the power to undermine the unity of the King Joyoboyo.
     History later noted in 1222, one hundred years since the rule of Sri Aji Joyoboyo where the younger generation not receiving a share in the government, suddenly from an area approximately fifty miles east direction to the kingdom of Kediri, Arok drill a youth movement led his troops to storm Kediri. Commander of the Kediri kingdom war Mahesa Walungan younger brother of the king Krtajaya or Dandang Gendis so troops were killed in Ganter Kediri defeat in the battle against the forces Arok.
     Arok was recorded as the first man who led the revolt or a coup with brilliant results in the history of the archipelago.
Back in 2010, the forecast tikus pithi anoto baris interpreted as an armed uprising of the people from all over the archipelago is impossible, unless done by the military element that controls the weapons. Masses clearly do not have firearms in sufficient quantities to conduct large-scale rebellion.
     Young people had started to organize themselves however fragmented and oriented in different directions, each struggling within their own group. Those ideals have colored red, green, blue, yellow, and pink and in classifications as left, center and right. Like a puppet in a row so they are easily pitted opposite each other set against.
     The younger generation always appear in every goro-goro in the government of Indonesia, and the success they always changed hands and taken over by another party. Role of them returned just a cheerleader who can not afford follow up result of a successful movement. Looks like they started to realize such a case, and began installing the new strategy. Peaceful demonstration that turned anarchic easily crushed, or take the parliamentary road that requires a long time in the victory. Until the end of the most easy for the younger generation by way of collecting opinions mass use of digital social networking.
     So "tikus phiti anoto baris" means preparing a young generation of the line. It's not an armed uprising row, not anarchy demo. And not wait for the time the older generation to hand over power to the younger generation. So that the young generation becomes older generation. Another young forward still has a small force in support of systemic change movement, in the idealism that their choices have not been able to unite the strengths of the various elements. Idea-a unifying idea that is already available, among others, Unity in Diversity, the Pancasila, or Nasakom, since the era of the Majapahit to Independence and post-independence. Now that last idea is lame, because one leg stump. While the idea of another distorted by the interests of their own rulers. Is the duty of the younger generation and raise a whole return to normal purify all the ideas, which is proposed and taught by the leaders according to Archipelago's contemporaries.
     Later, with the success of the young generation line up together for the common goal of uniting and purifying all the ideas can turn into action, then the true meaning Joyoboyo seventh prophecy proved true.


Divination eighth Joyoboyo

Reincarnation Noyo Genggong Sabdo Palon

Two pastors as well as clown-servants adviser Majapahit kingdom was indeed not a figure arbitrarily. All this is interpreted as a subtle creature. Wadag or her body is as usual ordinary people. Magical spirits or spirits that extraordinary, he could be reincarnated thousands of times since the first humans lived on earth.
     As a Buddhist priest Java (Jowo Sanyoto, the state religion of Majapahit), the main religion in the kingdom of Majapahit perfect science even more perfect than his main followers of the Dalai Lama in Tibet. From era to era Sabdo Palon * constantly changing sport (wadag), ie when the body is old and died.
     New Wadag that option is not for personal willingness Sabdo Palon spirit but by the will of Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad. So in fact although the Majapahit collapsed, and its predecessor Noyo Sabdo Palon Genggong never murca or lost, he lived as a human being on earth this man. Lineage Sabdo Palon in 2500 last year protecting the land of Java, and southern parts of the earth (Man Yang) is as follows.: Semar, Humarmoyo, Manikmoyo, Ismoyo, Noyo Genggong, Sabdo Palon, Ki K, WS, and in 2010 was .... ..???!
     Divination Sri Aji Joyoboyo eighth that Sabdo Palon will return to the archipelago, of course interpreted Sabdo Palon back later acting as advocates and advisers rather than the leader of the country or a kingdom.
     When the collapse of Majapahit in the era around 1478, before King Brawijaya who converted to Islam while changing direction Sabdo Palon survive as the commandment of the Jowo Sanyotobefore murca (gone) Sabdo Palon promised, "Your Honor, we are destined to break up, but please remember your honor five hundred years from now I will return to earth marcapada archipelago to run the command of Him. "
      On time as promised Sabdo Palon then in 1978 (500 years since the collapse of Majapahit follows murcanya Sabdo Palon) an ordinary resident of Central Java there is a man is used by wadag Sabdo Palon complete with his Jowo Sanyoto, the old man calling himself Ki K. In the early 1990s that figure had been old and it still has great energy plus hi intelligence power is still very strong. Whoever conjured the speech just to listen. Sabdo Palon this one took courses in the book of "sacred" Adam Makna (not Betaljemur Adam Makna). One is the translation of the contents of the book rather than alphabetic letters Java: ho no co ro ko do to so wo lo po dho jo yo nyo mo nggo bo tho ngo (which for the Sundanese very important, the highest in the world spirit of science and philosophy in the archipelago) . He died around the mid-1990s. Sabdo Palon wadag changed again, and this time in WS (65 annually) and right-hand man near Ki K itself. Attendance back through reincarnation Sabdo Palon with centuries on the human figure that choice by the will and power of Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad.
     WS died around 2006, (same time as the eruption of Mount Merapi), his actions during his life-like movements mysterious figure who was also mysteriously, he never tried to give advice to President Suharto. which at that time surrounded by the spiritual leaders of high level and difficult to be approached by anyone, supposedly the result is less satisfactory, and besides that he also tried to give advice or advice on a variety of military and civilian officials. He works never make a scene because every behavior is done without attracting attention. And of course he never announced his identity to anyone. His features casual, privileges his stamina is amazing especially when he spoke as if bewitched audience. And the courage to speak against any very extraordinary character.
     During the era of Majapahit in his will Sabdo Palon said, "Only the will of Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad an infinite determines human choice as the new wadag Sabdo Palon." Sabdo Palon displacement process to a new wadag different from the reincarnation of Tibet Buddhist priest.Sabdo Palon adolescent or adult enters the body which was destined to Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad died and the body was also His will live again as a reincarnation of the new Sabdo Palon with a new name. In the reincarnation of Tibetan clergy occurred since the mother's womb, until the baby is born into the world as the reincarnation of the A or the pastor B.
   According to Ki K, the Japanese era, Sabdo Palon before -- which now dwells within him -- helped along with Dai Nippon army invaded Java, Java to liberate the land from white people. However unfortunate Zero fighter plane in Singapore who rode Sabdo Palon shot by the enemy, the entire crew was killed, that's when Sabdo Palon spirit move from the body of someone who died in a plane (Japanese!). Sabdo Palon who was going to land allegedly Java landed alone at the foot of Mount Merapi. Ill-fated plane took off from one city in Japan.
     Nusantara triumph in Sri Aji Joyoboyo forecasts will occur when the re-emergence and Noyo Genggong Sabdo Palon. Sabdo Palon aka Ki K in 1980 saying, "Glory Nusantara more powerful than the Majapahit kingdom materialize if the world experienced such a large goro-gorodevastating world wars or disasters large-scale nature, such as the fall of celestial bodies, the eruption of volcanoes, and others. “After goro-goro happens the world will return to normal. At that moment a new world political order would be formed and a far cry from the modern world map before. Post-goro-goro in the archipelago Ratu Adil will appear side by side Sabdo Palon determine the fate of the southern archipelago and the earth (Ma Yang) in a single order of new government center," the original utterance Sabdo Palon in 1980.
    When is the big-bang and the emergence of Ratu Adil? Questions will be answered after the following answer to the question, "Who is now chosen by the Sang Hyang Wenang ing Jagad became a man chosen as the latest wadag Sabdo Palon than reincarnation?"
     On him the source of answers.


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