The fifth prediction Joyoboyo: Pitik tarung sak kandang

The fifth prediction Joyoboyo:

"Pitik tarung sak kandang"

mbah Sghriwo

On September 30, 1965 in the stratosphere layer of the night sky, at a radius of three kilometers from the palace of Sri Aji Joyoboyo, the residents watched "lintang kemukus" moving slowly northward. Shining bright celestial spaceship that precisely identified for centuries "lintang kemukus" that moves slowly in the sky was a sign of the coming events in the human universe.
 The nights hunt 20 million communist members in the archipelago began proclaimed. Communist Party of the world's third largest country in the siege of the world's largest Muslim population. Ten years ago the communists managed to occupy the fourth rung in the most democratic elections in the country of Pancasila, a synthesis of existing ideologies in the world political arena triggered Bung Karno, connectors hearts of the people of Indonesia.
    Sri Aji Joyoboyo a son of true love Inu Kertapati and Dewi Sekartaji, the two teenagers this option is the crown prince of the two kingdoms on the shores of the river Brantas. Royal marriage they were living previously filled with the most memorable romantic drama for centuries by the inhabitants of eastern Java.
    Dewi Sekartaji and Inu Kertapati who have not met each other had refused to match the two kingdoms for themselves. Dewi Sekartaji wandered for years, so too Inu Kertapati, both teens most beautiful and most handsome man in the kingdom of Daha and Jenggala. In short they finally met on the island and fell in love with one another. Any place lively marriage, the two kingdoms combined, and the results of their true love was born of a human being superior Sri Aji Joyoboyo who later became king of the kingdom of Kediri bloom. In the reign of literature and art evolved remarkably rapidly. Words tangible predictions of clever all around the country gathered and selected the best to offer it to the glorious Sri Aji Joyoboyo. With abundant material that was the big king publish forecasts fifth "pitik sak cage fighting" to describe a future civil war in the land of Java.
    September 1965 battle movements triggered two contradictory ideologies, on the one hand, the materialist camp, represented by 20 million communists, on the other hand there is the idealist camp, which represented 60 million Muslims. The communists use the philosophical system of dialectical materialism. Muslim idealist camp entrance. If both systems are facing the reality of life then what happens is the opposition to understand, no less-the lack of Bung Karno's attempt to reconcile the communists and the Islamic opposition in the container Nasakom further in the legislative forum was formed cabinet "gotong-royong". Bung Karno small businesses that have extraordinary vision since 1926, trying to avoid a "pitik tarung sak kandang." Bung Karno was mastered Sri Aji Joyoboyo these predictions.
    "Pitik tarung sak kandang" means the pet chicken that every morning and evening are in the same room. Chicken in a single room each day and live peacefully outside the room. Cage here is not that meeting, residents raised chickens in Java-footing, footing is usually made of bamboo or wood for the chickens to bed. Chickens that are free and out of the room at any time on their own. They are in the same house and live peacefully. Very rare chicken in a "cage" fights in the cage. Not even a fight broke out in a cage free chickens that.Small fights are usually simply where "mangkring" a strong, adult chicken, chose to be in front. Young chickens by their owners were separated, placed in solitary confinement.
    In dozens of chicken cage was never a fight because they only gathered in the evening to start sleeping at night that lasted until dawn. When they woke up and got out the cage that is the owner of fine dining to entertain first, then eat whatever you want to find where.
    Within six months the communists were slaughtered his opponents, all the roles they have been excluded from government, the press, the world of education by imprisoning without trial. Millions of government employees Bung Karno not need to be paid their retirement, although has been working since the war of independence. Very economical!
    The massacre of the Communists was happening was the result of provocation by the individual that referred to in the sixth Sri Aji Joyoboyo forecast: "kodok ijo ongkang-ongkang", the ruling right for four tiger. "Kodok ijo ongkang-ongkang" aided by foreign parties who were conducting McCarthy doctrine, root out communists from the earth.
    Indonesian Communists destroyed no trace of the remaining pile of smoldering charcoal slim. In the rainy season will grow new shoots in the pile of black, because the land is very fertile for change Nusantara aridity became green again with the growing variety of new plants, including those already considered extinct.
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