Joyoboyo forecast fourth "Kejajah saumur jagung karo wong cebol kepalang "

Joyoboyo forecast fourth

"Kejajah saumur jagung karo wong cebol kepalang "

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March 8, 1942 armies by land, sea, and air forces and civilian Dai Nippon Sakura flowers that dare to die and always wins in the battle against Western nations landed all over the archipelago. Joyoboyo forecast fourth attested, "Kejajah saumur jagung karo wong cebol kepalang." Royal Netherlands Army is no less heroic, brave to face the forces of Asian countries that had conquered Manchuria, the Russian Tsarist empire in 1904-1905.
    The spirit of the royal army was defeated by imperial troops of the Rising Sun, the god Amaterasu siding with the invaders from the North. Since ancient times people in the archipelago had been warned by the ancestors to be always alert to the North, because that is where the enemy comes to attack, from the North also coming disaster in Java. Therefore there is little legacy inherited from a thousand years ago or the King of the kingdom of Kediri Joyoboyo enthroned, namely, "do not make for cooking stoves or luweng mouth facing to the North." One again, "do not make a toilet or latrine is the position of those who occupied it until facing North."
    Even a famous poet wrote about the Archipelago of the reverse flow that continues to flow North to South: science, culture and goods merchandise. By contrast, in the golden age of Majapahit, and even since the era of Srivijaya kingdom current flows to the North: science, culture, and its superior product goods.
Hinomaru flying all over the East Coast continental Asia to the Pacific Ocean in the east of Papua. Formed a military defense line is very broad and difficult to be kept from the advancing Allied forces led by the country, Uncle Sam. Consecutive leave the colony or colonies: the French in Indochina, the Dutch in the Netherlands Indies, the British in Malaya, and Singapore. Japanese people managed to change the political map of the world, particularly in Asia.
    King Joyoboyo already identified the nation's "cebol kepalang" is a thousand years ago would be a superpower in the military field. In the view of a small Java will defeat a big, people "cebol kepalang" or short stature which would defeat the great men of the West.
    Natives Nusantara which sank at the feet of reptiles of Western nations during the three hundred and fifty years rebuilt from the ground without warning by Japanese troops who trained hard and unforgiving. Weapons began to be given to the Natives who want to fight with Japan to deal with Western nations or the Allies. Victims during the Japanese military education fell, struck the misery of the people living in all regions of the archipelago. Later fruit misery that preceded the departure of Western nations make the Natives had to stand on their own feet above the land of their own motherland and the people govern themselves, all that can be reached by taking the motherland's independence and sovereignty of the archipelago.
    Dai Nippon predicted to colonize the archipelago during the rest of the seed corn can be stored, three and a half years! Dai Nippon, who joined Hitler's Germany still continues to struggle alone with a tenacious and diligent. Allied military felt the cost was too great out on the field against Germany and European allies. Dai Nippon to conquer the forces that have such long lines in East Asia and some islands in the Pacific in the end the Allies or the United States chose to use economical and practical way: a nuclear bomb detonated in the heart of Japanese territory. As a result the winner of the second world war that is true of nuclear weapons and not the United States. U.S. forces desperately not to defeat Japan in a general manner and honored.
    Japan is not completely lost the battle but lost because the instruction of the highest leadership of the Emperor of Japan.
Nation "cebol kepalang" that during the occupation of Java and the archipelago facing tough opponents: the Communist Party of Indonesia, NU, Muhammadiyah, the socialist party, the nationalist party, and those of other progressive Islam, and of course the whole of the archipelago. Every component of resistance that have chosen their leaders: Bung Karno. Bung Karno was not overtly hostile to Japan, but took the tactic rests in two places at once. Left leg was with the army of Dai Nippon, while his right leg against Japan shoulder to shoulder with a variety of ways with other Natives fighters.
    Bung Karno know anybody who contributed in seizing independence, the communists, nationalists, and socialists, and Muslims and so on.
   Dai Nippon's surrender to the nuclear bombs the United States on August 14, 1945. Other winners of the second world war superpower Soviet Union's first communist country in the world apparently can not coexist peacefully with other capitalist countries, because it has been since the communist manifesto was launched in the eighteenth century ghost of communism is never tolerated by the rest of the world understands this. America is a country hotbed of communist Soviet Union and resulted in the emergence of the Cold World War. Two ideologies classify themselves by selecting each one of the parties. American slogans louder, "making friends with our communist enemies or enemies of us." The absence of a neutral choice at all.
    Impact of the Cold World War was finally blown independence coloring by "Penyambung Hati Rakyat Indonesia": Sukarno was accompanied M. Hatta. During the Japanese occupation, they have often developed strategies to face the future together. They were in response to the Cold World War took the opposite stance. Soekarno Hatta be Neutral as hostile to the communist side. Two antagonistic role of both RI proclaimer that eventually gave birth to the independence war dramas are heartbreaking. Own nation fought with his own brothers.
   Own civil war among nations since the war for independence was growing and the top climax Joyoboyo predictions embodied in the fifth, "pitik tarung sak kandang."

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