Secret Jowo Sanyoto Majapahit state religion superpowers of the earth south prohibited

Secret Jowo Sanyoto 
Majapahit state religion 
superpowers of the earth south 

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Jowo Sanyoto, which means a truth from Java. This ancient religion monotheis, recognizes the oneness of God. Unlike another religion of Java, which is Hindu-Polytheists, Jowo Sanyoto in essence recognizes the great religions of the world along with the apostless and prophets bearer of revelation and inspiration, in addition to the above matters is the reincarnation of a different carrier Jowo Sanyoto revelation is at once timeless opener the cover of human choices on Earth.
Forerunner of the development of the state religion of Majapahit - who managed to accompany the triumph in the southern ocean - that is, at the time of Sri Aji Joyoboyo rife in the kingdom of Kediri and 75 percent have influence in the archipelago. Developments in art and literature by translating Barathayuddha the ancient Javanese language. Majapahit take over all the greatness Joyoboyo also mimic naval build a well-respected in the world.
     In religion Jowo Sanyoto has the direction of four. East South North West, similar to rounds in the Buddhist rituals, plus five Pancer or center, which met myself in silence. Not meet the Almighty. Other rituals in Jowo Sanyoto is performing rituals at dawn and dusk, like in one other momotheis religion. Unisex offerings or offerings that form the four cardinal compass points, is similar to Hinduism.
    Jowo Sanyoto monotheism in the more progressive and dynamic as the reincarnation of the recipient to believe the revelation, so contradictory and stepping over other religious views, one of which mentions the existence of prophets and apostles the opening and closing. Important points Jowo Sanyoto recognizes all major scriptures and all the saints or the prophets and apostles.
     Knowledge about the triumph of religious supporters in the history of Majapahit was embezzled by unscrupulous elements, who do not want religion and the state of Majapahit rose again. Therefore what happens is people with a make error streams that are not clearly juntrungnya in these modern times.
     Jowo Sanyoto had been buried almost six hundred years ago, thanks to the dilapidation of the corrupt officials and retainer plus invasion from the north which brought a new confidence and end the collapse of the kingdom of Majapahit into small pieces which can later be easily conquered by Western nations who come to Archipelago. "In the new state with new powers to bring a new religion," so said the famous poet Pramoedya Ananta Toer.


In 1983 agomo Jowo Sanyoto Ki Kere leader in Klaten, Central Java, is prohibited by the regime's "New Order".
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